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Gwen Forever (2 Discs)

Running Time: 78+83 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MKV
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Release year 2016

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Gwen Forever (2 Discs)
gf_01.jpgGwen Forever (2 Discs) - DVD
55,00 €
9,5 €
gf_01.jpgGwen Forever (2 Discs) - Blu-ray
65,00 €
11,3 €
gf_01.jpgGwen Forever (2 Discs) - HD Download
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5,6 €
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Beautiful Gwen is our favourite model because she will go naked anywhere and happily exposes herself to everyone. She is also the most beautiful girl it has ever been my pleasure to know. So we dedicate this entire 2-disc set to Gwen Forever.

Disc 1 begins with her demanding the right to go nude in a restaurant, where they let her go topless. She has better luck in a bar where they let her go completely nude and the happy people chat and dance with her. She does a session of naked yoga, and then swims naked in a pool for lots of underwater shots. Finally she visits a bodega and an ice bar in Barcelona with Whitney, and the video ends with close-up bodyscapes.

Disc 2 begins with Gwen strolling naked around Barcelona amidst the crowds celebrating Midsummer's Eve. Then she does something really amazing! going naked and barefoot in the freezer room of Ice Barcelona. She also has fun with ice by teasing the tied-up Tereza. She goes running outdoors with Dominika, tours crowded bars with Arjelina, and finally enjoys a crowded gay street fair naked on her own.


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