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Moving Freely 1

Running Time: 85 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MP4
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Release year 2021

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Moving Freely 1
moving_freely_1_box.jpgMoving Freely 1 - DVD
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moving_freely_1_box.jpgMoving Freely 1 - HD Download
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It is the end of summer,  and Ania "bares" witness to the warmth of the day.  With the noble video crew and honourable public, she climbs the stairs from the river park, is silhouetted in the light at the end of the tunnel to the city centre, and explores the city's outskirts - while, of course, leaving her skirt behind!

In the game room of the Holiday Home, Alice and Katja quickly learn that movement up the silk is more difficult than Barbora makes it appear, and the force of gravity is a stubborn foe.  But they all find fun ways to move freely with the silk.

On that final day of summer, Ania undresses outside a dairy farm.  She is in a "dare-y" mood, and is "moo"d by appreciative cows and admired by their caretakers.  Walking into town, she passes some hens in a yard, but clearly Ania is no "chicken" as she moves freely about.  Like in the city, with the noble video crew and honourable public she is legal but "barely" so.

Nadia moves freely to the music amid floating sheets of plastic in the game room.  She dances among the sheets, the sheets dance with her, and the lights dance on all.  Nadia has some sweet moves and a happy time!

Šárka and Katja throw the frisbee and pillows in the game room.  They seem to move freely from playfulness to conflict and back, in classic unclothed Synetech fashion.  Very fashionable!

On a winter night, Nadia moves freely in the warmth of the Holiday Home hot tub.  You can decide for yourself if it looks like a nice place to be, while under a January full moon!


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