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Castles In Spain

Running Time: 50 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | Download: 16:9, 768x576, MKV
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Release year 2009

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Castles In Spain
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Three beautiful naked locations in Spain!

First El Fonoll, a naturist resort in the mountains, where the guests enjoy a naked paella afternoon, and we see the spring-fed mountain pool, the bar, the assembly rooms, and many other features.

Next El Templo Del Sol, a deluxe oceanside resort, with a swimming-pool complex, a huge hot tub, and many other facilities.

Finally the beautiful Palacio Pignatelli in Barcelona, with a Dali museum in the ground floor where Suzana and Shannon go naked -- and in the streets outside too! On the next floor is the Royal Artistic Circle, where they pose naked for artists. And on top is the beautiful Hall of Mirrors, where Shannon and Sarita demonstrate the grace and sensuality of tango in the nude!

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