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Ally, Brittany, Jess - Download Only

Running Time: 73 minutes | Download: 4:3, 768x576, MP4
Price from: 15,00 €
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Release year 2018

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dl only

This title is available for EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD ONLY - DVD or Blu-ray is not available for this title.

Our friend Rob met Ally, Brittany, and Jess at a nude beach, and brought them back to my house for a day of fun, games, and nakedness.  

First the girls tried on several tiny bikinis and posed for us, revealing their beautiful bodies concealed by nothing but transparent cloth and tiny bits of string.

Then they played pool noodle hockey in the living room completely naked.  Occasionally they hit each other with the plastic foam noodles, which caused our DVD to be banned by the Australian censorship board as sexual violence.  (So now we have our models play this game whenever we can.)

The girls enjoyed playing with balloons, running around in the yard, and climbing a spreading tree.  Rob played a game with them of rolling on the bed, and Ally gave us some sexy views of her lovely body swaying and flexing as she did hula-hooping.

Everyone gave Jess’s naked body their full attention as they body-painted her, and Ally enjoyed showing herself off as she danced on a table.  Everyone danced naked on the table, and Jess turned out to be really sinuous and sexy at it.  

Finally Ally and Brittany enjoyed some sexy touching and kissing.  Ally got body painted and showed us that breasts can be beautiful as eyes.

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