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Free & Wild 14: Fulfillment

Running Time: 80 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MKV
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Release year 2014

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Free & Wild 14: Fulfillment
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The girls in this DVD find fulfillment in many ways.

Dominika heard a good tune on the television which set her to dancing, so we encouraged her to dance in a narrow corridor for us.  Then she danced at a bar in public and again as several girls happily joined her at another bar.

Gwen and Andrea enjoyed a long series of exercises and yoga, with lots of playing around and having fun.  Gwen also participated in a fine candling session with Whitney.

Bailey, one of our boldest girls for going naked in public, went to a favourite bar where her boy friend had arranged for a whole football team to see her.  They made bids to play pool with her and lick tequilla from her naked body on the pool table. 

Finally, we see Whitney and Gwen going about daily affairs like hanging out laundry, making a meal, taking a shower, and enjoying the bold fulfillment of sex.

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