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Our Trips (3 Discs)

Running Time: 70+42+45 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | Download: 4:3, 768x576, MP4
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Release year 2018

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Our Trips (3 Discs)
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Our Trips is about the pleasure of visiting exotic places with beautiful girls, and making naked video of the girls.

The introduction explains how, contrary to popular conceptions, the girls are happy to travel with a much older man.  The video goes on to give extensive coverage of three trips.

The first trip is with Henriette in 2000 to the great American West, and features shots of the Grand Canyon, the Valley of Fire, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, and many other locations in the desert, in a redwood forest, and along the sea coast.  Henriette performs naked in many of these places.

The second trip is with Roshelle in 1997 to France, visiting Versailles, Chartes, and Chambord, and then staying for a week at La Sabliere Naturist Resort.  After the resort we do a further happy trip to Paris.

The third trip is to Barcelona and Ibiza in 2006 with Shannon.  We see her preparing meals, chatting, and trying on clothes.  Shannon is a beautiful dancer, and she dances naked for us in an apartment and in the midst of dozens of happy people in a night club.

Our Trips may open up a new source of discovery and enchantment for many men who can make their own trips with naked happy girls.

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