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Ukraine Peace Video 2

Running Time: 83 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | 4K UHD Download: 16:9, 3840 x 2176, MP4
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Release year 2023

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Ukraine Peace Video 2
ukraine_peace_2_box.jpgUkraine Peace Video 2 - DVD
35,00 €
6,1 €
ukraine_peace_2_box.jpgUkraine Peace Video 2 - Blu-ray
40,00 €
6,9 €
ukraine_peace_2_box.jpgUkraine Peace Video 2 - 4K-UHD Download
20,00 €
3,5 €
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This series is dedicated to Ukraine girls and the wonders of the world which Vladimir Putin might enjoy if he would stop his chest thumping and see what is truly beautiful in life.

Sera gets naked and walks happily exposed to the huge crowds of the Berlin Pride Parade, soon joined by Amber. They dance freely and wildly and are even joined briefly by a third naked beauty. Liudmyla enjoys the calm of naked morning yoga. Dasha and Xenia play at sexy kickboxing, yoga, and cartwheels, and we expose beautiful Xenia with rolling, weight lifting, and pendulum exercises. Natasha loves being exposed so we tie her up and let naked Diana tickle her, and we cheer her on as she does some really wild dancing.

These beautiful girls show how much there is in a life of peace and nakedness.



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